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05-18-2013, 07:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Adam Tilander View Post
lol everyone on my mock roster I made up, you listed.

How long has Matt Selby been a forward anyway? Wasn't he always a D-man? He was listed as a D-man at the last U20s

And I wonder if because the tournament is in GB, GB will push harder to get guys like Liam Stewart & Scott Conway to go to the tournament. When you're the host you expect results so they'll likely put a lot more effort into drawing those guys in who would play huge roles on a U20 team

I know in the CHL guys are encouraged to go to U20's, so it's not like Spokane will hold him back. For Conway I guess it depends where he ends up, USHL or NAHL. USHL he'll be on a new team and trying to establish himself in that league, basically playing for a scholarship. NAHL he'll be a returning player and likely one of their leading scorer so he might be a little more free to do as he pleases lol
Selby was played as a forward in the last U20 tournament because they took like 9 D, and he has been playing as a forward for Coventry. As I said the D looks good and forward depth really isn't good so I am assuming they will put him forward again.

I'm also not sure whether it's bad or not that two of our best forwards are the 96 borns. This group of forwards really does not look good, I think we will be lucky to avoid relegation. Last year was lucky that Croatia were so bad but Japan are coming up and they're much better.

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