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05-18-2013, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Draft View Post
I'm not talking emotion and sticking up for your team mates, obviously that's huge for a team. I'm talking sucker punches and bad penalties. Doing what is necessary without crossing the line. I have no problem with White challenging a guy to a fight. I have a problem with two-handed hacks and sucker punches. There's no room for that in hockey and hopefully no room for that within the Habs' organization. We want to be a respected organization, lets hope it starts with our GM and works it's way down. Prust does what it takes to win games, Subban does what it takes to win games, Gallagher plays with passion and does what it takes to win games.

Playing dirty doesn't win games.
I agree here, I didn't like it either. I would hope that we get players who can answer the bell went time gets ruff.

Originally Posted by bud12 View Post
cry me a river
That's all you get.

Originally Posted by Draft View Post
Well that was unneeded. Head hunting, dangerous plays, malicious plays and unsportsmanlike plays are all okay in your mind? Just "hockey plays"? I guess we have a very different view of the sport and our team.
Well I feelt that Ottawa was head hunting more then us. No one to realy remind them that it's a 2 way game.

Originally Posted by Stripper View Post
I agree. Ottawa was playing physical, but because the Habs are soft as *****, they had no idea how to react to their game style. We need to be bigger, better, faster and stronger! lol
I would say we are not soft just not built to respond to that kind of hockey. Let's say Moen played with more of an edge or Prust was healthy and White a bit bigger. You hit my guys, I'm gonna hit your too kind of hockey. You run my goalie over, I'm going to put your goalie in the crowd. Wen you hit, it has to hurt to remind the other team that you are not intimated.
Looking at the Pens vs Sens, the Pens are doing our durty work(it's pissing me off)
Cryba, if you gonna hit on the blind spot, well you sir, keep you head up....and guess what happen. Neil, well he's pretty quiet due to Murray, Orpik, England on the back end. Karlson is getting owned defensively by the Pens forcheck with skills, size and speed....not what you want from a Norris winner.
Also, Anderson kinda suck this serie...why is that? Well the team needs to give your goali confidense just like your goali needs to give you team confidense.

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