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Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
I understand what you're saying, I just disagree with the point of view. There is room for that in the playoffs as evidenced by the SCF between Boston-Vancouver and even as recently as our series vs. Ottawa where they got away with every blatant cheap shot and we, as the victims, got called on everything else almost to make up for the terrible referee-ing. You just never know with officials nowdays.

We can be a respected organization by being a winner on the ice, not by being mr. nice guy Lady Bing finalist all over the roster.

It's funny because if you ask most other fans of other teams they will tell you that Subban and Gallagher are pretty dirty, but for us, they are doing what it takes like you said.

I think there is a distinction that has to be made between playing on the edge while ever-so-slightly crossing the line like how Bourque plays (and not getting in trouble for it) and White's rage inducing hystericals. But just like Therrien didn't hound White for it n'either shall I because all I saw was someone showing passion and willingness to sacrifice some body parts for the greater cause.
That's definitely fair. As you alluded to, until we see a change in officiating I doubt that there will be a big difference in the way a lot of people play the game. I'd honestly rather have White flip out than have Bourque elbow a guy in the back of the head. I think with hitting and fighting you can keep a team honest, even in the playoffs. Perhaps there wouldn't be room for dirty play in the playoffs if opposing players could be put in their place by the use of enforcers. I'm not a huge fan of fighting but if it means clean, fast, safe, hockey, I'm all for it. I'd much rather see Bordeleau in the line up than Torres. Can't believe I'm supporting goons and fighting

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