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05-18-2013, 09:31 AM
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Dont know what the answers are but hoping the Dave Nonis is smarter than most of the people in this thread and smarter than the previous buffoon running the show.

the simplicity of what Nonis needs to do is comical..just add a #1C and find a partner for Phaneuf...

What? Oh yeah...lets make signing Tyler Bozak a top priority he is something special.

Nonis does have his work cut out for him. Leafs are nothing but a bubble playoff team IMO...there game 7 display of crapping the bed shows how good they really are. Not that good.

On talk radio, they were discussing how that collapse of epic proportions was actually a good thing...because it really magnified what the make-up of the team actually is and didn't give management/ownership some false sense of security for the future.l.

Being the 5th best team in the Eastern Conference over 48 games and getting bounced in the 1rst the fashion that the Leafs did is really not a solid foundation of planning the future on. In fact I would say the 7 games vs. the Bruins is probably a lot more useful to Nonis in determining which direction the team needs to go as far as individual player evaluations than the shortened 48 game sked did.

I think Nonis is smart and he doesn't have any special attachment to any player on this roster..which is a good thing. He doesn't have any pride to swallow or ego to protect...He can freely make decisions on players solely based on their performances in the most important games the Leafs played in the past decade.

I do believe Nonis will make significant changes to this roster. I for one am looking forward to how this GM can put his stamp on this team. Its not good enough and the answer is really not slapping a band aid on a fragile and mentally weak team.

Lets go Mr. Nonis. Show us what you can do.

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