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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Forgetting about external factors for a moment, the Habs don't get respect because they don't deserve it:
  • 20 years of futility.
  • Their best player, Carey Price, has been inconclusive at best in the playoffs and he's been in the league for ages already.
  • They have a small, incoherently assembled team that does not evoke any intimidation or envy from any other team in the league.
  • No star talent up front to focus on.
  • No team identity - they're not "tough team", they're not the "skilled team", they're not the "character team" - for nearly 20 years. Management coasted on Koivu's personal victories as if the entire organization had his conviction and acted in kind.
  • No cutting edge in the management - yeas of "nearly" getting that piece or this piece have rendered them bit-players at every deadline and in free agency (and when they do dabble in free agency or trades they turn into the laughingstock of the league. Gomez, Gionta, Spacek, Gill, Moen, and Cammalleri all in one week. Thanks Bob, you shouldn't have.)
  • Years of tending to the gluttonous local media have led to this symbiotic relationship of bs fed back and forth - though this could be a metaphor for Montreal public works.

The media doesn't care about us on the ice because our team hasn't been very interesting and we still have the stank of Jacques Martin's awful negative-hockey only just starting to fade but still lack any established game-breaking dynamism that neutrals love to watch. The media don't care about our back-office dealings because we're very boring in everything we do: we don't draft off the board, we don't trade for or sign marquee players and half of the noise we generate is in French and is therefore non-existent for the rest of the league.

I say, instead of blaming everyone except the Habs, maybe the fans should reconsider what makes their great organization so great because they've been anything but great in everything except pomp and excess - capitalized when the reigning GM retired his own number in an extravagant show of insouciant pride and pale arrogance.

I started reading columns critical of the Canadiens organization and the general gist of it is: we have our heads firmly up our own ***** when it comes to our organization and on-ice product. Mediocrity and pomp all the way through.

And I say this as a die-hard fan who has faith in the team and even during Gainey/Gauthier/Present saw upward development and progression - it's just taking way too long and we're close to spoiling the current batch of mid-20s players like we did the last one. How many years longer will Price, Gorges, Patches and Pleks be at 100%?
Great post. Bergevin blew it by not making moves before the playoffs to address glaring needs. It may take years to get back to where we were this season.

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