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05-18-2013, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by BlueAndGold View Post
Everyone loves a complete hockey player. Bergeron comes to mind on the current Bruins roster as the team's most complete player. He's been my favorite for years for this reason.

Is it unreasonable to apply the same logic for coaches? Are the best hockey coaches "complete coaches?" That is the coaches who excel at coaching all aspects of the game, offense, defense, transition. It's pretty clear that we don't have that with Julien. We have a guy who is fixated on one area of the game, rather than taking a balanced approach.

I honestly believe Julien would feel better about losing 1-0 than winning 6-5. A 6-5 win to him represents failure in his system rather than getting two points in the standings.

The Julien supporters will counter that Bruins have been successful with him as coach. I'll counter that there is still too much untapped potential with this roster that better coaches would be able to utilize. The Bruins don't get the most from their player assets.
While I agree that he'd feel better about his team only allowing 1 goal compared to 5, I don't agree at all that he'd prefer to lose than to win.

And since it seems that you're suggesting that Julien doesn't "excel" at coaching offensively, it needs to be stated that the B's have finished in the top 5 three times (and as high as 2nd on two occasions) in the past 5 years. One horrible year, and one mediocre year, but 3 of 5 have been very productive offensively. I agree that they might produce more goals with a different coach & system, but I also think that they'd allow more goals as well, and most likely lose more games than they do with the current coach & system.

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