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05-18-2013, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by ODAAT View Post
His preference was to play the 3 guys who combined for almost 300 career playoff games opposed to the 3 kids who have less than me a coach who wouldn`t have done the same if the option was/is there

I love the elements the kids bring, and while the fan in me says keep playing them, the reality is, those 3 will likely be back on the ice. If anything, I`d sit Quaider to make room for one more D with mobility
Well, first of all, McQuaid doesn't have 300 career playoff games. Redden had 29 NHL games (and zero NHL playoff games) in the past three seasons. We're not talking about Ray Bourque and Nick Lidstrom.

Julien had the option of going Hamilton over McQuaid, or with Bartkowski over Redden. He chose to do neither. He had two viable options for getting a player with some offensive ability/mobility into the lineup as his #6 defenseman, and opted for neither.

In game 5, injuries forced Bartkowski into the lineup, and he barely saw the ice. 6 minutes I think. If Julien valued his mobility vs. the "station to station" game, he had the option of giving him a few more shifts. He chose otherwise.

In game 6, he opted to go for Hamilton over Bartkowski, which seemed to make a certain amount of sense in that 1) Ference blew game 5 with a bad play at the point on the PP, 2) Julien cited the L/R thing for the reason why Bart played over Hamilton, but that really only makes sense if Bart is playing a regular shift, which he didn't. But then he kept Hamilton off the PP.

"Station to station" is his choice, and presumably his preference, since he didn't change course until it was forced on him by injuries.

Julien is a very good coach, but that doesn't mean every decision he makes is the right one. He has various strengths and weaknesses just like the rest of us.

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