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05-18-2013, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
As a Redskins fan, the best thing that ever happened to that franchise was the hiring of Mike Shannahan and Bruce Allen. Both are very strong personalities and they told Snyder flat out that they make the football decisions and that Snyder needed to trust them to do the right thing.

That's the thing with owners like Davis, Snyder, Snider, etc......As a GM, you need to be a strong willed GM and let them know that you're running the hockey operations and they need to trust the decisions you make.

Now, do I think Ed said to Holmgren that Bryzgalov was the guy he wanted? I don't think he said Bryzgalov's name, but that he told Holmgren the goaltending carousel needs to stop and that Holmgren needs to get a starting goaltender. I think Snider pushed the idea of getting a starter and that Holmgren jumped on what the boss said.

This is prototypical ********* double-talking; nothing more. "I didn't pick Bryzgalov... I just told Holmgren he has until the start of next season to get the best goaltender we haven't had since Lindbergh and Hextall, or he's out of a job."

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