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05-18-2013, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Stripper View Post
Habs are one of the softest teams on east (Softest would probably be the Oilers, but I'd have to check this out because I'm not sure).

Last year, Pacioretty was a hard working son of a *****. He was physical, grit and scored goals. This year, he decided he didn't want to be a "unidimensional" player and decided to pass the puck instead to do his job correctly. What pissed me off the most is that he said "we should have gone in front of the net more"... ****, that was your job...

At the same time, Pacioretty changing his game changed Desharnais's as well. The **** couldn't stay on his feet to save his life. Now, all I see are people whining about this little guy, but wake up, it's not entirely his fault that he had a "******" season. Why the "'s you ask? Because he was projecting a season of 48 points in 81 games, which is in his normal range. Stop whining.

Plekanec disapears as soon as it gets physical. Sure, the guy got 4 points in the playoffs... other than that, what'd he do?

Moen? Who's this Moen you talk of? The Moen I know was too busy drinking his cup of tea that he didn't have time to do his job.

Prust was a real warrior, thank god the season/PO ended because that was just torture for the guy.. he's was the one protecting his teamates.. he was the heart and soul of the Habs.. I'd bet you 5$ he's one of the main reasons as to why the Habs got as far as they did.

Georges... overpayed soft defencive defenceman. He's godly on PK and will rarely **** up, but that's all he can do.

Diaz.. enough said.

Markov, can't touch anyone because of his knee.

Bourque, he did good, but he's no Prust.

Gionta, heart .... that's about it.

Armstrong, he has good jokes. That's about it.

Bouillon, he's strong and physical... but he's 5'07 lol.

Ryder... do I have to say anything more?

I'll stop here, since the other players are young and really pleased me.

Now, you said something about Pens doing our dirty work? Who exacly were the ones that would have "fought" Gryba who is 6'04 240 pounds? Prust? White? We have no one that can go against him. The habs have been a finesse/speed team for so long... no grit, no physique.. The perfect recipe to get ***** in the P.O's.

At least, Bergevin already knows this and has brought Prust. He should bring a heavyweight and a/some dude(s) that will bring size and power to the team. A clone of Prust would be most appreciated as well.

Since I'm in the UFA/trades/off season thread.. this is what I propose!

Flyers need an offensive defenceman that can do a proper job on the PP. I suggest Raphael Diaz for Maxim Talbot. Not necessarily 1 for 1, but you get the point.

Either Bryan Bickell or Viktor Stalberg. Big, strong and fast guys. Stalberg is having a hard time, he could sign cheaper and we could help him get back on track. Safe risk.

Sign Douglas Murray or Robyn Regehr. Maybe old and "slow", but until Emelin is back, you need someone physical at D.

Last but not least, Patrick Bordeleau.
That's what I was getting at but to say we are soft....not really but small...for sure. Maxim Talbot for exemple is not the guy to fight Cryba but has grit, but so does White, Gallagher and a few more. I agree on Plekanec, that's why we need a true PF ala Clowe, Clarkson to play on his wing.
Some of those UFAs you mention will cost a pretty penny on the cap and unfortunatly, I see none signing with us aside from Stalberg....but not a true PF. Big yes but that's it in term of grit. will Not, and can't fight.
In a trade, I would like a big Dman like Coburn, Stuart or Gunbranson to play in the top 4. On the wing, in a trade, I would like a Stewart type.

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