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05-18-2013, 12:05 PM
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I duino. So many of you guys cried tears of joy his first game for "scoring" the game winner - a puck that glanced in off his skates. Maybe even the ones where he did actually do something were just because he was given the puck too often. Maybe the puck being in Jagr's hands so much and not with other talented Bruins accounts for the dramatic losing streak Bruins went on after he joined (ESP compared with the record they had before he joined ). I wouldn't say Jagr is good at holding onto the puck in a way that helps with offensive possession (like Joe Thornton used to be). I'd say it is because he doesn't have a clue what else to do with it. Plus he's old and slow and doesn't maintain possession long anyway.

A sequence from the other night perfectly illustrates everything that is wrong with him these days. Jagr has the puck below the goal line, skating like he's in mud. He lumbers behind the net, comes out and gets off a weak backhand the goalie easily sweeps aside. A bruin on the boards picks it up and passes is back out to Jagr. There is a Bruin on the back door, maybe 6 ft from a wide open side with a completely open passing lane. Jagr goes for the shot of course and puts a squirt quality attempt right on Lundquist. Really, this is your hero?

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