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05-18-2013, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Rob Paxon View Post
I'm aware of all of this, the point is if he's taking 3 at a time and taking it x times a day then he could easily cause liver damage. The "daily limit" is a meaningless number, a guideline. Toxicity limit (e.g. overdose) isn't required to create liver damage. Not to derail this further but it's nonsense that they combine the drugs, as they could easily be prescribed separately. The whole reason is so that drug 'abusers' have to take a dangerous level of acetaminophen to get a comparable high from stronger opiods, with the actual effect being that the drug use becomes much more dangerous to a person's health. It's a ridiculous, misguided policy.
That's the war on drugs for ya.And your totally right, they don't care if the side effects are very harmful/kill you, as long as it's harder for you to get high then the govt is happy

I really hate this lady for dragging Mario down this.Now it's all over ESPN and people think he really is suicidal.The girls a gold digging *****, give back the ring to Mario you succubus.She's not even that good looking!Those texts Mario sent he probably wasn't even serious, just wanting some attention.I also find it comical that he thinks 50 mg of Hydrocodone would make a 6'4, 270 pound athlete "fade away"

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