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05-18-2013, 02:27 PM
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Here's where other fans get it wrong:

- They think we walk around with a sense of entitlement to Stanley Cups. The reality is that Montreal fans don't expect much, especially those under 30 who don't remember a single Cup. Most Habs fans are more familiar with frustration than they are with victory. We don't look at our team and see Cups, we see problems.

- They think Montreal fans whine/complain more than others. The reality is Habs fans are every bit as melodramatic as other fans, but not any worse. It's just such a big fan base that our melodrama adds up to more noise than theirs. And yeah, we do make a lot of noise.

- They think the team is bad. The reality is that Montreal's last 20-year report card mark is a C+. No Cups, but plenty of playoff years, along with a few great seasons. We've had a few really bad years, but mostly we've seen mediocre to good to occasionally very good Montreal teams. Stop comparing us to the 70s - those dynasties aren't coming back for us or any team. If you measure every team since '93 - Montreal's overall track record has been better than the majority of NHL teams.

Here's where other fans get it right (but for the wrong reason):

- They think we spend too much energy on our history. Well, we do. But that's because the sport's built on history and we have more of it than anyone else. Characterizing that as a fault comes from plain ol' jealousy.

Here's the bottom line:

As long as we have 24 Cup banners hanging in the rafters, other fans will resent our team. Success breeds jealousy. Yes, 20 years since a Cup may seem long to us, but when successful teams are now measured by one Cup in 41 years, Habs will never be seen as an underdog. If it was 20 years of total failure, maybe we'd get more sympathy, but we've survived Houle and Gathier and have almost always put up a good fight. And we're currently on an upswing. Don't expect to be loved.

As a fan who's seen the Habs win nine Cups, do I want to see another one? Of course. But it's much, much harder than it used to be, because it takes many more variables and luck to win a Cup than it used to. But I haven't seen a management devote this much energy to prospects and player development. It's a great sign and we have every reason to be hopeful.

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