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05-18-2013, 02:39 PM
Fire Benning already
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Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
I sincerely hope that you're not holding your breath waiting for more to happen.

I expect the same type of roster.

A new coach, new philosophy, and the young players getting time to develop in the NHL will help change the culture of the room.

Expecting more is a bit ridiculous. The cap is dropping, we have luongo and Ballard who certainly need to go.

People need realistic expectations moving forward. This isn't a "cup or bust" roster. Time to realize that.
How realistic is it that Mike Gillis ices a roster significantly weaker than the roster that just got beat 4-0?

Not to mention our 1st and 2nd round opponents next year will be the same teams that beat us 8-1 in the last two years.

Gillis said he planned on "resetting" the roster. Last time that happened big changes were made by UFA signings, trades and offer sheets.

Going with Verviticus' roster is a sure way to get fired in a year if the Canucks don't make a very long run. The most realistic scenario is 3 big changes, two likely being a goalie trade and a coaching change.

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