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Originally Posted by OnTheBrink View Post
nope to bold.

7th overall + choice of 2 of Harti/N.Schultz/Hemsky (2.5m retained) + both 2nds for Myers + !6th overall (Min pick)

7th overall + player is slightly less then Myers
Harti + both 2nds slightly greater then 16th overall.

thoughts on value?

Edmonton drafts Best center available
Edmonton needs to draft the best Dman available at 7th.

Buffalo is not taking a one year rental in Hensky or N Schultz back. Harti seems like a 3rd/4th line NHLer at best.

2nd round picks are utter crapshoot in success/failure in drafting top 4D/top 9F. 2 2nds= 1 1st. Buffalo would rather get 2014 1st.

Myers + 16th >>>>> 7th.

I have read quite a few of the postings on here.

As a Buffalo fan let me give you guys some background on Myers....

His first two years he played very good.

yr 3 he slumped a little earlier in the season then got hurt and was out about a month...last half of the season he played at where you expect him to play.

This past year he had his extension contract kick in. With it heavily frontloaded where this year he was making $10M+ it seriously affected him. What also hurt him was with him playing in europe during the lockout because he got hurt (I think it was an ankle injury) so he lost his conditioning he had built up so coming back in this short compact season not being 100% healthy nor at full conditioning that you could get in preseason just wore him out.

About Lindy ruff----his biggest weakness by far is that he is not good with young players. There have been a few young players who basically went through the Ruff grinder and he destroyed their confidence. During the 05-06 playoff run he had Vanek as a healthy scratch for many of the games---he didnt trust rookies. A come complaint in the locker room was that Ruff still looked at the veteran players(Vanek, roy, Pominville, Gaustead, etc )as if they were still young kids not late 20s vets. Sort of how a father looks at their grown children--reverts to them still being 16-20 and not 27+.

The other what happened with the other Dmen. His rookie year he had Talinder paired with him as a rookie which he developed good chemistry with. Why they didnt keep Talinder I have no idea why. Many have talked on the Buffalo board of trading back for Talinder (final yr of a contract) as a way to get Myers to restore his form.

Could Bufalo move him---sure

Will they??? They arent in any rush to move him with him still under contract. He is also still 23. Had he been 26 or 27 then yes they would be looking to move him.

If they move him now they will seek full playing potential in return for him...not some cheap low ball offer.

They will not move him from picks and prospects. It would be a deal where they were getting and established player coming back. not quantity for quality.

Buffalo's biggest void in their farm system is in wingers. all they have is a 1st rounder from a few years ago coming over next year in Armia.

The problems with Buffalo now goes back to the draft. If you look at analyzing how your team drafted players in rounds 1-3 and did any of become top 16 talent( top 9 forward, top 6 D, starting goalie)---they may not be on your team (traded away) but they have been in the NHL. Pool the draft years into 3 year periods and for recent years based on full NHL potential should be. Here is what happened with buffalo:

2002-2004 6 players (Ballard, Paille,Vanek,MacArthur, Stafford, Sekera)
2005-2007 1.5 players(Mike Weber, Enroth-half pt, Brennan--hasnt earned a top 6 Dman job yet)
2008-2010 6 players (Myers, Ennis, Kassian/Hodgson, McNabb, Foligno, Pysyk)
2011-2013 6+ potential players( Armia,Catenacci, Grigorenko, Girgenson, McCabe, Kea, #8, #16, #38, #51, #68)

That void from 2005-2007 is being felt now. The players they have traded (Roy, Pominvile, Gaustead, etc) were drafted pre 2005. All that are left are Miller, Stafford, Vanek, Sekera, Ehrhoff, and Ott.

Thus there is this gap in the team of players from 2005-2007. Now they would be around ages 24-26---prime of their careers.

The team is not in a pure gut and rebuild. looking at their line up in 2014/2015(some of these players could earn spots late next season) looks like this:


Larsson and Ennis can flip positions.



Thus much of the team will be under 25. If the team moves Vanek or Miller its part of a quicker rebuild where they then move their extra prospects/picks for a younger 24-26 yr old veteran.

My feeling the team would want to get a winger Drouin or Nichuskin. With Nichuskin the owner has the $$$ and could go to the KHL and pay to buy him out of his contract. If they were to trade up for one of the centers then it means one of the other centers could be moved for a winger.

The team would not be moving Myers or Ennis or any other of the young players for more picks/pure prospects. they would be moved for NHL ready players who appear to be an improvement on the current team by adding something they are lacking. Their biggest void projects to be top 2 line scoring wingers if Vanek is traded.

Ennis can play center. Something that has been talked about on the sabres boards would be dealing Ennis + Stafford/Sekera + for Ryan. If they were move Myers they would have to be getting a certain top 2 line winger back.

Buffalo would be looking for Eberle or Yakipov

If Edmonton isnt willing to give back Eberle (their salaries are about the same) or Yakipov then---

The only other way would be by trading MPS +Klefbom + 2014 1st + 2013 #7 to Buffalo for Myers + 2013 #16.

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