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05-18-2013, 03:29 PM
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I made a big post on and big surprise the moderators didn't add it. I guess cause I called BC out for being a hack-fraud, a snake oil salesman and a company yes man who is resting on the laurels of his past successes with Phoenix which he had help from his dad anyways. I also stated he doesn't know how to run a basketball organization or how to build one. Retooling is not the way when you're team is a consistent treadmill team. Retooling is something you do when you're already a fringe contender to take you to the max level. Not when you're mediocre.

So I was happy to see this article where rumors are stating we are looking at bringing Ujiri back. Man I'd love that move he's as good as they come and he single handedly brought Denver back after they got rid of Iverson, Carmelo and K-Mart. He also got good assets for a dwindling Nene. The guy has a knack for talent.

I really hope to hear good news on Victoria day that CANlangelo is done in T-Dot.

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