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Originally Posted by Leafsforlife98 View Post
The Raptors have to tank next year. If they tank I almost guarantee that they will get Andrew Wiggens. Here is my reasoning why....

The NBA is like no other league when it comes to thinking of the league as a business. When a team is in distress, and losing money, they almost always get the 1st overall pick. Look at the last 10-15 years.

2012 New Orleans- Anthony Davis (Davis Stern nixed the Chris Paul trade because he wanted the team to get younger, and build strong nucleus for the future. With the Paul trade, the players they got back would have put them in the playoffs, but that is not what Stern wanted. He wanted them to build for the future, and alas, they end up with the number 1 pick)

2011 Cleveland- Kyrie Irving (Cleveland loses Lebron James and the next year they get the #1 pick with LA Clippers pick which I think was 8th best odds to win.)

2010 Washington- John Wall (Washington has been sucking for years, but the owner died that year of the pick, and his Widow goes on stage to represent the team while most other teams sent GM"S or players. They end up with the 1st pick)

2009 LA Clippers- Blake Griffen (LA used to be the laughing stock of the league for years, the butt end of many jokes. Fan interest was at an all time low, and bang, they get the 1st overall pick and franchise player in Griffen, and turned around the teams fortune only a few years later

2008 Chicago- Derrick Rose (Chicago was struggling at the gate, and had a horrible season. Stern saw that and somehow they win the draft and get to select hometown boy and future MVP)

2006 Toronto- Andrea Bargnani (A few seasons after Vince had left, and fan interest slowly dying, the Raptors get the 1st overall pick. BC was very high on him at the time, and thought he could be a game changer. Most teams didn't see a real gem in the draft that year so the pick came to us.

2003 Cleveland- Lebron James (Cleveland was a horrible franchise, and there were internal discussions of them being moved. A hometown player is going #1 overall, and somehow Cleveland gets the pick and resurrects the franchise, from bottom of the league, to sellouts for like 6-7 straight years.

The NBA is a business through and through, and when a franchise starts losing money, or interest starts fading in a city, they end up getting the 1st overall pick to turn it around. It happens every year. That is why the team with the best odds in the draft lottery NEVER gets the 1st overall pick. It's not about who finishes last, it is about who needs the pick the most.

When you have a once in a decade type talent like Andrew Wiggens, who is Canadian, as a business, if you put him on the only Canadian team in the league, their will be a sellout every game for the next 10-15 years. Prices for seats will go up extremely because the demand to see a Canadian superstar and hometown player, and interest will be at an all time high. Merchandising money for the Raptors would probably triple, at the least. That means the league makes more money. Also having the 4th largest market in North America actually being a top team in the league, would also be a huge draw for the league.

Imagine Toronto vs a LA, New York, Chicago, Miami or Boston in the Conference Finals or NBA finals. Ratings would be an all time high, and the marketing opportunities would be endless. The NBA would never have to worry about the Raptors for the next 10-15 years at the least, something that would be great for the league.

When it comes to the NBA, business is all that matters. And that is why the Raptors should tank, trade all players not named Jonas, Terrance or Amir, and stack up some 1st round picks in next years draft. You think that lottery protecting the pick (Top 3 protected) we traded to Houston was by coincidence?

Are you suggesting the NBA lottery is rigged? Even though they do the lottery behind closed doors, a representative from each team plus a few people from the media are there. The reason why the team with the best chance of winning the 1st pick doesn't usually win is pure probability.

Besides, even if the Raptors tank and don't win the 1st overall pick, there is plenty of potential elite talent in the projected top 5 next year. No Wiggins, no problem. I'll take Randle or Parker too.

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