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05-18-2013, 04:01 PM
Rob Scuderi
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No easy way to compare these two guys. I think Morris should be judged as clearly better offensively. Roenick's tougher and played better defense, but with one 10th place Selke finish are those intangibles enough to bridge the offensive gap?

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Comparing these two is even more miserable as they are the best players on our lines. Both led their league in scoring twice on some crappy teams. I think Schriner gets the nod here though doing it in the NHL rather than the Soviet league.

vsX: 87.8, 77.8, 72.6, 69.8, 67.9, 63.8, 63.7, 62.6, 59.5, 53.9
Hart Trophy Voting: 5
Selke Trophy Voting: 3, 8, T10

Soviet League All-Star: 1981
IIHF World Championships All-Star: 1978, 1981, 1982*
IIHF World Championships Goals leader: 1974, 1982
*virtual tie for 1st place with Bill Barber. Listed as 2nd team all-star

The two guys who round out our lines. Larmer brings serious intangibles and Kapustin seems to be a digger who played a physical game. Kapustin did score at a pretty good rate in the World Championships too and may be better offensively than Larmer. Is the combination of his offense and physicality enough to vault him over Larmer though? Both were boosted offensively by their linemates and Larmer brings a defensive game in addition to his boardwork. I have to be honest Kapustin's offense surprises me, but I have a hard time getting a read on his value here.

I think Pittsburgh's line gets the advantage here. Schriner's the best player on either line and a better offensive catalyst than Balderis. Morris seems to be the second or third best offensive player on either line as well depending on how you see Balderis. My main concern with Montreal's line here is how will this line stack up when faced with Pittsburgh's possession game? Roenick is the only notable defensive presence on the line and I don't think he's better than Larmer defensively.

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