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05-18-2013, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
This past season was half of a normal season. There's only so much you can take from, almost literally, half a season.

As for him being not a great defensive forward, I think the majority of HFboards, the NHL, the coaching staff, and whoever votes on the Selke (GMs?) disagree with you entirely.

Dismissing being that high in hits and blocked shots is willful ignorance. We saw the effect playing that kind of physical game has on an opposing team: Washington was WORN DOWN. Specifically, look at the Callahan/Erskine battle that took place. The beginning of the series, those two were slamming each other every which way. Eventually, Erskine started to show wear and tear, and by game 4 was their absolute worst D-Man.

Hell, if you followed Caps media, Erskine was feeling awful after Cally's hit in game 3. He nearly didn't play.
John Erskine is an absolute scrub defenseman, so it's not saying much that he was the Caps worst dman lol.

Adding onto the point, the team gets heavily outchanced when he's on the ice. This has been ongoing for 2 yrs straight. Before the Chara slapshot in 10-11, I thought he was an excellent defensive player as teams were usually outchanced when Callahan was on the ice. Perhaps it was the Dubinsky effect, one of the best possession players in the league having a career season that year.

The team lives and dies on blocked shots. I know you hate it, but that's how Torts is playing it, and Cally does it as well as anyone. Dont just dismiss that as chasing the opponent: if it was that meaningless, our entire defensive system wouldn't be based on it
This is why he's a problem. If you don't like John Tortorella's system than you shouldn't like Ryan Callahan caliber player, who is fit for the system. If you like hockey where a team likes being hemmed in own zone, uses the boards to get puck out instead of middle of the ice, retorting to sliding to block shots and giving opposing team a lot of puck possession, well he's probably the type of player you'd want to lead this team. AKA Stone Age Hockey.

Show me a 3rd line player that produces the way Callahan does, and I'll show you a team with 4 top line wingers. The only one I could possibly think of is Pitt.
A 3rd line player can get gobs of PP time and top ES time with team's best offensive players with soft zone starts and put up points. It's happened many times before. Brooks Laich, Shawn Horcoff, Dainus Zubrus are 3rd liners that put up 50-60 pt seasons.

RWers by depth chart who are just as good as Callahan (In my opinion):

Pittsburgh: Jarome Iginla, Pascal Dupuis
Chicago: Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa
Los Angeles: Justin Williams, Jeff Carter
Boston: Tyler Seguin, Nathan Horton, Jaromir Jagr
Toronto: Phil Kessel, Joffery Lupul
Anaheim: Bobby Ryan, Correy Perry, Teemu Selanne
St. Louis: TJ Oshie, David Backes, Alexander Steen, Chris Stewart (Backes and Oshie alternate RW and C)
San Jose: Patrick Marleau, Logan Couture (Both played RW a lot early in yr)

etc etc

I can go on and on, but I think he's an average 2nd line on average team to 3rd line player on contending team.

You keep citing his ice time, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't make the call to put himself out there. That issue is with Torts.
Not only Torts, but the whole management team and pro scouting department that decided he was good enough to have 2nd most ice time per game in playoffs and top 5 in regular season.

Because in two years of Captaincy, his first year saw him as a finalist for a Leadership award, a first place finish in the east, and a trip to the Conference finals. His second year saw a TURBULENT season with massive roster turnover and a 6th place finish, and so far, we're in the 2nd round. Both years he received an Extra Effort award, though this year i think it should have gone to Step

That's a REALLY good first 2 years as a captain.
Yet he completely under-performs in both post seasons.

Are you talking 08-09, or 09-10? That's when his knee started to go, and it was like two different players.
08-09. The dreaded season where Scott Gomez and Chris Drury lead the team in scoring.

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