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Originally Posted by Number8 View Post
NH is maddeningly streaky and at times completely disappears in the regular season. I was so pissed at him this season -- just frustrating as hell.

However, playoff stats do not lie.

NH has played a total of 29 NHL playoff games -- all with Boston.

Over those 29 games he has 12 goals, 13 assists, for a total of 25 points.

His plus minus over those 29 games has been an unbelievable +23.

I don't have a clue how you replace those sort of playoff numbers if you let him go.

And that playoff performance is not just a case of luck. He's picked it up massively in these playoffs and has been one of our better players on the ice. No idea how far we will go in this run and one can never predict the future, however there's little evidence to suggest that Horton will tail off anytime soon this postseason.

I think Boston needs to try and re-up him and we all need to find a way to live with his off and on performance during the regular season.
I don't envy Chia and Co. on this call. NH is a real dilemma, but in the end, I agree with you that we have to bite the bullet, without going overboard on salary, of course.

With many players, we get angry when they have awesome regular seasons and dissappear "when it counts" in the playoffs. Yet, we have no problem continually "ok-ing" extended contracts for them.

If "performing when it really counts" is of paramount importance, and to me, it is, and you have a player who has consistently performed under those circumstances, then it would make little sense not to reward that.

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