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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
I am not saying it is just a theory, but more or less I believe the rise of the long ball era is credited mostly to Ruth. In a way Ruth is like Orr when it comes to his sport. He changed the way people played it. In fact, Ruth did that more than Orr did.

Cobb was an old school type of guy. He probably could have hit more homeruns but as anyone can tell you HR is a low percentage play. It just wasn't popular with Cobb, or his era. A single was more plausible and therefore more likely so it was attempted more often like hitting into the holes and such.

Yes Ruth could truly do it all. You might guess that Rickey Henderson has more career triples than Ruth right? Guess again.
I think were both right. I was reading (Wiki) about the history of the base ball and the cork center was actually introduced by both leagues in 1910, an invention by a fellow named Alfred Reach. So it appears that Ruth, who started as a pitcher in 1914, honed his swing while pitching. He hit 29 home runs in 1919 as a pitcher and mostly everyday player. The Yankees likely saw the potential in Ruth and purchased him in Boston's fire sale of 1919. Let's give credit to Ruth too who appears to have had the foresight that home runs would become a significant part of the game, despite the many that discredited his approach like Cobb. So really, it took almost 10 years for baseball to catch onto the potential of the lively ball.

As for the triples stat you mentioned, yeah, that's really hard to fathom given the physiques of these two men. The only theory I can come up for it is that in the old days, baseball parks were not as symmetrical as they were in Ricky's time. He played in a lot of cookie cutter stadiums 300-400-300. Ruth played in Boston and its long unsymmetrical centerfield and Yankee stadium with its deep power alley in left-center. Ruth also likely hit more towering fly balls that allowed him to reach second before the ball landed. Ricky hit mostly line drives from what I remember.

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