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10-01-2006, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Don Cherry View Post
As much as I really hate to mention this (again), we could have had a fourth line of Stastny centering Ruutu and Petrovicky for very reasonable coin. This would have been a hard-working, hard-hitting line that would easily be capable of 10 quality minutes per game.

Instead we have a glut of basic crap to try and pick enough players from to simply fill out a roster instead of three guys that could have been counted on before the start of camp to get the job done.-- I liked what I saw from Hoggan yesterday, but he couldn't even become a regular on last years terrible St. Louis team. Lewis little pet (Mowers) couldn't fully crack the Wings lineup- ever- and he's now 33 years old and past his peak. (whenever that was). Tenkrat is simply crap that Chia took a chance on. Despite his goal it's obvious that he's a waste and the only reason he's still on the roster is that Chiapet brought him here himself and doesn't want to look like an idiot. (too late)

I don't understand throwing millions around and then not throwing a few hundred thousand towards a quality fourth line so we could at least have a possibility of "rolling four lines".

While I do not share your disdain of Mowers and Hoggan (I actually think Mowers is highly underrated; I like what I've seen from him a LOT)... There is no way that our fourth will be as good as the one you jones for.

It seems like an ongoing philosophy with whoever is running the show that we sign fringe NHLers to fill out the roster, and this is lousy strategy. If we could ever throw out a fourth that resembled the one you are suggesting, the entire team would benefit more than we could ever realize.

If we are using the strategy of 2 scoring lines, a checking line, and a fourth... Then the fourth's duty should be to go out, and cause havoc... I don't see ours being that kind of line.

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