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05-18-2013, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
I'm sure that McD, etc. wouldn't care that much about signing prospects...given that the terms of rookie contracts are capped in the CBA.

He says that there plan is to assign him to Rockford next year...and presumably they would have discussed it with him/his agent. Maybe it's going to be like Kruger where they'll just bring him over and let him play on whichever team he's ready for (ie. the Hawks or Rockford).

Maybe his skill will be sufficient that his lack of size won't be too much of a problem. Kane played at Teuvo's age and was fine despite his size (although Kane had also grown up playing North American style hockey).

In any event, I"ll be really happy if he comes over next year - it will be great to see him.

I'm watching the Memorial Cup game b/w the Winterhawks and the Mooseheads. Carruth is horrible. It's halfway through the 2nd and he's given up 4 goals (including 3 this period). It's disturbing that he's an OA player and this is how he plays. Not impressed at all

The anthem singer had some trouble with the US anthem tonight

Didn't see anything in the video about discussing it with his agent - or Teuvo, for that matter - all he said was that they're going to try and sign him and assign him to Rockford. Obviously, from what I've seen, I don't think he'll spend too much time there as long as his transition goes smoothly. If it does, he'll be in the NHL quickly, if not he'll play it out in Rockford, and would add to an already offensively gifted Rockford team.

As for Carruth, he definitely hasn't looked good tonight. But it's one game. The fact that he's an OA means nothing. He's in his first Mem. Cup. He's obviously nervous and it's shown in his game. He'll need to bounce back though, that's for sure.

And I was just facepalming watching her completely blank on the American anthem. I felt so bad for her. She made an early mistake and completely lost it from there. Thankfully the fans handled it well, and to an extent saved her - she still suffered through the rest of the song, mumbling to finally capping off the ending.

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