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05-18-2013, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Pierce Hawthorne View Post
Actually I don't think the Avs should have any interest in Gardiner.

We don't need Defense especially one like Gardiner who extremely Offensive and not very Defensive. We already have Barrie and Elliott who are similar to Gardiner and we will have Jones as well before long.
Originally Posted by Pierce Hawthorne View Post
I will admit that he did have a hell of a playoffs. He looked very good and calm with the puck. That Gardiner I would love to have on the Avs. But its still a small sample size, not and indication that this is the player he will be.

But during the regular season he looked awful almost all year. Barrie was much better then him Defensively, and Offensively they were close.

Now, Im not saying Barrie is a better prospect then Gardiner. I still think Gardiner has an edge on Barrie, he has a higher top end potential then Barrie(Gardiner has #1/2 potential IMO, Barrie has #2/3) and at times(Like the playoffs this year) looked well on his way to reaching that potential, BUT I would rather we just hang on to our guys in Barrie/Elliott/Jones then move a valuable asset like Stastny to only pick up a marginal gain over Barrie in Gardiner.

If we move Stastny, I would rather it be for a young top 9 forward with Top 6 potential(Brassard would have been awesome) then to move it for a Dman.

Were a lot weaker on the Wing then on Defense.
There are many Colorado fans I've seen in these Stastny threads that just have no interest in being both realistic or willing to give other players the credit they deserve.

Gardiner is on a completely different level than Barrie and especially Elliott.

You say he had a great playoffs, yet was "awful during the regular season". I say to you, check the stats.
*Also, Ryan O'Byrne is just about the worst hockey player I've ever seen. Thanks for nothing

Gardiner was wrongly used and the idea of him playing poorly was a myth. Even the Toronto media which loves to get on players had nothing poorly to say of Gardiner. Carlyle was being Carlyle and giving icetime to the veterans.

Also in regards to the "small sample size" of success. You do realize Gardiner has a full season of tape that suggest he can play even better than he did in the playoffs? There were times last year where he took over games. Just completely dominates the ice with his skating ability.

The answer is no, he'll never get traded for Paul Stastny. He'll never get traded in general. He's the face of our defense moving forward and I'll stand by my comments that he's going to be better than Rielly.

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