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Originally Posted by Suntouchable13 View Post
I think they have to keep improving the team, blowing it up now makes absolutely no sense. What a slap in the face for those fans that stuck it through the last 3 years. That was just a waste of time. I hope if they do decide to blow it all up, that the Raps will get barely 10,000 fans per game. Just brutal. Keep building, keep improving.
How are they going to build? With what players?

We have some good young pieces in Jonas, Terrance (Who doesn't get any minutes) and Amir who is still kind of young.

I am not sold on Derozan, never have been. Very egotistical player, who can't shoot or play good defence.

I am not sold on Gay as the number 1 option considering his shooting woes, he would be an excellent #2. But also is WAY overpaid.

Lowry is not a true point guard and is way too emotional, and disappears way too many times during the game, and for stretches of games as well.

Andrea is as soft as butter, injury prone, can't rebound to save his life despite being 7 feet tall, and not respected by his teammates or around the league. And once again, OVERPAID.

Landry Fields is WAY overpaid, and if he was making 3 million a year, would be an good bench option.

And the rest of the bench is just terrible. I do Kind of Like Quicny though, plays his ass off every play. Kleiza, Lucas, Gray and Anderson are all fringe NBA players at best.

Fans might be pissed if we have to rebuild again, but REAL fans know that what we have is simply not good enough now for the present or for the future. And considering we are maxed out salary wise, we can't sign anyone to try and switch things up.

Keep AMIR, JONAS and TERRANCE and get 1st round picks in next years draft for anyone else on the roster. If we can get at least 2 top 10 picks in next years draft, going forward we are really good since it is such a deep draft.

Top 5 1st round pick 2014 (Andrew Wiggens, Julius Randle, Jabari Parker, Marcus Smart or Andrew Harrison)
Jonas Valanciunas
Terrance Ross
Amir Johnson
Top 10 1st round pick 2014 (Mitch McGary, Glenn Robinson III, Chris Walker, Wayne Selden among others)

That is a team with promise, REAL Promise, especially if we get Andrew Wiggens. Plus, shedding all of the salaries we have overpaid for would also help in getting us some free agents. And I know people think we can't get free agents, but with the solid core of Good young players and Tim Leiweke at the top, we will attract players for sure, especially if the money is there as well.

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