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10-01-2006, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by KFC View Post
adding gleason and belanger won't help them?????!!! thats crazy talk talk ofcourse it helps them gleason makes a significant differance... and if they felt they couldn't sign JJ, they did not do nearly as bad as you say because they not only adressed current needs but also adressed the future getting a young plaer like gleason.
It's pretty clear that you're trying to blindly defend this trade.

Gleason has STILL YET TO PROVE that he is an established NHL defender.

You're right, they didn't do nearly as bad as I said... they did worse! Not only did they not get a defender who isn't even close to Marc Staal, let alone Jack Johnson's level, but they got a spare part which they could have gotten from their AHL affiliate. For what reason? To dump Tverdosky's salary, when you've still got a little wiggle room under the cap? That's pointless, and you know what else is pointless? Dealing a potential generational talent that's a cornerstone franchise player just because he wanted to play his SOPHOMORE SEASON IN COLLEGE, at a time in which his value was LOWERED because there was no one in search of a prospect defender who was declared as "available" thus lowering his value even further. They could have waited until the trade deadline, and gotten a lot more for him. It would take 3 more years for him to just go as a free agent if Carolina couldn't sign him. After his senior year at college, if he was unsigned by August 15th, then he would have became a UFA. 3 Years is a LONG LONG TIME, and his value, according to his development, could have gone up by then.

Rutherford mismanaged his assets, and misplayed the market, therefore he got screwed. He went into panic mode to make a deal for the sake of making a deal, and lost any leverage he ever had.

There is NO WAY you can defend this trade.

Like you said... he was trading to stay competitve...

Bottom Line: You don't trade a franchise player to "stay competitive."

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