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05-18-2013, 11:21 PM
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There were points when the Kings looked strong but for most of the game the Sharks were buzzing all over them. They seriously need to knock it off with these slow starts.

I still don't agree with those calls at the end. If your going to let them play than don't suddenly change your mind with 5 minutes to go. Brown's penalty was automatic, but the Regher hooking was a joke after what had gone on tonight. Then Lewis getting steered into the goalie was just ******** too. I'm certainly not gonna blame the refs and yell conspiracy but just be consistent with the calls. And stop letting them take pot shots at our goalie.

The bottom line is that Quick had to stop around 40 shots tonight and our chances weren't nearly as good. The first line has got to step up. There hasn't been one game where I thought they dominated the play during these playoffs and that is just unacceptable. They need to rest and come out on Tuesday ready to roast them. Start playing like the ******* defending champs. Enough of these one goal games and hanging on by a thread all game. You are better than this team. Time to step up and prove it.

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