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05-18-2013, 11:55 PM
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Hi, I was just wondering what effect you think Tortorella's comments have on the players on the team.

I guess if you play any pro-sport in NYC you have to develop thick skin one way or the other - but I can't imagine it's helpful to have a coach sound off in the media about how bad a player is doing (young, especially...but old, too).

Also (and maybe this is a question for another thread) - but do you think re Hagelin it's a case of him playing "bad" in some general sense...or is it an experience thing...or maybe an injury thing?...or is he really not playing all that bad and Tortorella's just being an ******* (sorry - i've sort of "grazed" on the NYR games and haven't sat down and watched their entire games during the POs).

thanks in advance.

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