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05-19-2013, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
Erskine had been playing as a #3/4 for them through the regular season, and had actually been doing really well. He came "back to earth" during that series
Most Caps fans in the series thread suggest he's a scrub d-man lol. But that may be testament to the Caps defense in the first place if John freaking Erskine is the team's 4th best d-man.

I agree that the team, and Cally, desperately miss Dubinsky. He was the perfect winger for Cally. That said, I disagree on the notion that the team is outchanced, and if they are, I suggest taking a look at the competition he's facing. Torts always, always, puts his line out against the teams #1. He played nearly every shift against OV's line in the past round, and that line's forechecking and cycling was a large part of why Ovechkin was kept off the scoreboard. Cally may not have lit up the offense in that series, but he had more than a positive impact on it.
I disagree that he had a positive impact in the series, but he does unfortunately get tough assignments that are way beyond his capabilities. I blame that on management for constructing the roster however.

That issue isn't with Cally. That's with Torts and Sather. You don't blame the tool when the user makes a mistake.
See previous post aha.

Laich and Horcoff are still very good players. Zubie had 2 really good seasons, and never scratched that again. He got slow.
Laich in 09-10, Horcoff in 07-08 and Zubrus in 06-07.

All three played significant minutes relative to talent level and leeched off of superior linemates. (Laich with Semin, Horcoff with Hemsky and Zubrus with Ovechkin)

These types of players are dime a dozen IMO. Meaning they're average players who play 1000 games being a professional. Ryan Callahan will hit that level too, but that doesn't mean he should be playing top 5 minutes on a team on cup aspirations.

I agree with most of your list, but look at those names. Those are some god damn good names to have on your hockey club.

I think you have unrealistic expectations for a Top 9 (like, Pittsburgh unrealistic), and I don't think a team needs to be that stacked to win
I expect the Rangers to win the Stanley Cup. The Rangers should be a contending team and should be the favorites each year with the payroll and Lundqvist factor. If that is being unrealistic, so be it.

Hes a versatile player. I don't know why you're holding that against him.

And if he has a single goal tomorrow, he'll be tied for 2nd on the team, along with our new #1 center. 8 games is a tiny sample size. One hot streak and he goes from goat to hero. It's a bloody joke the way we use revisionist mentality based on point totals.
I don't question his versatility, but his overuse and long stretches of poor play. He is somewhat in the class of Oshie and M.Richards and they don't nearly get the same ice time despite being superior players.

Callahan with the eye test and stats say he's underachieved in post season past 2 yrs. He's been good in 1 playoff game in 8 tries this year, which was in gm 7 against the Caps.

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