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05-19-2013, 01:20 AM
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As for a side note about Seth Jones, watching him in the WHL Final and this Memorial Cup game I don't think he's going to be lighting the world on fire when he steps into the NHL on the offensive end and I hope he doesn't get heat for that. There's going to be a definite transition period. The points aren't going to appear magically for him, he is actually only on Portland's second PP unit currently. Doughty had notably more offensive flair at that age. Jones might have a break-in period similar to Victor Hedman has had. His terrific stick on 1-on-1's, recovery in his skating and poise in advancing the puck are all amazing in themselves, but I don't know about producing a lot of offense at the NHL level right off the bat for the first few years. The intricacies in his own zone will need to be worked on as well, I hope the fans in Colorado aren't expecting a Norris winner off the bat - he could become that in time. Developing defensemen is an arduous process and hope that isn't lost in fans looking for a saviour.

Drouin is also simply amazing, he wows me with his skill it is what makes this game such a joy to watch. A player like him and Kane should be treasured for their otherworldly magical hands. The funny thing is that Tampa will probably draft him. With the imminent retirement of St. Louis in what I assume will be the next 2 or 3 years, Drouin will be perfectly timed to step in and feed Stamkos tape to tape tap-in's. I hope Stamkos has set aside some of his big contract for a Rolex fund for Drouin and St. Louis for all the feeds he's going to be receiving for the next 10 years at least.

Jones to Colorado to anchor their emerging D with Tyson Barrie, MacKinnon to Florida to centre Huberdeau, and Drouin to Tampa to feed Stamkos for the foreseeable future. Couldn't write up a better fit for all three teams.

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