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01-04-2004, 02:30 AM
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Young was quite easily the best player in this years camp, he had like 6 goals and 11 points in 7 games and was a clear standout. Then 2 weeks into the season, his father died and he hasn't been the same ever since. It's a shame, cause Scott can still be a deadly 25 goal sniper with a knack for crunctime. He's pretty useless they way he's playing right now, he's not even paying much attention defensively, he's shooting every puck he gets into the goalie's chest, rarely takes advantage of his speed, etc. I hope he breaks out eventually, like he usually does with his streaky ways, but I also do not see why he would play better on a different team. He's in a tough situation, plus, he also has a no-trade-clause.

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