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05-19-2013, 03:01 AM
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I had some guy try to goad me into a fight the other week. He came in hard on our NM, NM covers, players start moving out but this guy hangs about looking for some afters. I clear him (and his accomplice) away from the goal and then make my way back to the bench and this guy chases me shaking the mitts! I'm not afraid of rough stuff, I'm an ex-serviceman who (though no wall of muscle) can handle himself but really? Fighting in a recreational challenge game?

I agree with some comments that have already been made though, insomuch that the desire to drop the mitts many recreational players have may well be linked to the amount of time they spend knocking one out over 'Drop Your Gloves' and using phrases such as "title fight", "weight classification" etc. I like a fight now and then in hockey as much as the next man but leave it for the pros, I've work on Monday and a black eye is never a good thing for an ER nurse!

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