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10-01-2006, 03:36 PM
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Quote: for Immonen, potentially at worst, he's what Belanger is right now, and at his best, he's one of the top 2nd line centers in the league. Not only that, but his contract is smaller than Belanger's, and he can step in and do what Belanger is doing RIGHT NOW, and he will, for the Rangers.
Let's not get our prospect hype into overdrive. Immonem's upside is A 2nd line Center...not one of the best.

The return that Carolina got was sure to bring up this debate on every team's board. Everyone is right to think they could of offered a better deal for JJ, b/c no matter what way you spin it, you can't put lipstick on this pig of a deal.

Regardless, there was a reason why Thorton was traded to the Sharks last season. The reason: 2500 miles. JJ just wasn't going to be traded to an Eastern Conference team. Now that leaves 14 other teams pissed they didn't make a deal and they should be complaining.

As for Tverdosky, regardless of his contract, he's still young enough to be waived/stashed in the minors. I would be absolutely livid if I was a Canes fan and Rutherford and Co. weren't willing to eat Oleg's 2.5mil/yr if needed to make the team better. Hell, the Rangers are doing it w/ Oleg's mentor, Sandis. If moving Tverdosky's salary was a main element of this trade, this is very sad for the game.

Lastly, kudos to LA. While trading for potential has failed before, the O'Sullivan and JJ moves this offseason will at least net them one homerun.

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