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Originally Posted by PJ A Oates View Post

Greece won the whole Euro Champs in Soccer some years ago. No one thought they would and the competition in that tournament was really good. And I would say they were less talented than the Swiss hockey team.

My point is this stuff happens and it's no secret that Swiss hockey is good.
Many of the players have US or swedish hockey experience aswell. So it's not a bunch of no names with lucky bounces.
It's really not fair for the swiss to be compared to that greek team. All they did was pack their own half and hope to score a random goal on a counter-attack. Their games were extremely annoying and unpleasant to watch.

Switzerland on the other hand is lighting it up all across the board. Best PP, third best penalty killing, best goalkeeping, third best scoring efficiency, best offense in the preliminary round, best defense in the preliminary round, etc. It's a surprise they managed to make the final with such a young unexperienced team leaving a lot of stars at home, but it shouldn't be a big surprise that they finally made it past the QF in like their 100st or so attempt.

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