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05-19-2013, 06:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Seedling View Post
He did have a decent roster. Thing is it's a throw together that has to learn on the fly playing against real teams that have been together, for the most part, for many more practices and other events.

It's pretty hard to get excited about this tournament unless you have a vested interest in watching certain players. We just did not get to see that.

Oh well. Free agency and the draft are looming. I am going to focus on that now. This is all unfortunate history now.

I can definitely agree that Ruff had his issues. So did the team. How do you not put Stamkos in the shootout? Hall could have been a good choice too.

I don't imagine this helps his resume.
I have this strange feeling that Canada of late has become a bit like Russia. Big names, skilled players but not enough effort in terms of team play. For Russia it's basically always a 50/50 situation, crash and burn or play well enough for 1st/2nd place in any tournament. I never thought this was a problem for Canada mainly because Canadian players are very good at knowing and accepting the roles they get as players (even if that's not their normal role, i.e. skilled players can "become" grit/energy players in international tournaments if necessary). Also that they always give (gave?) 110% of effort in every single shift, skating, hitting and crashing the net and really wearing down their opponents.

Maybe it's just my imagination though. I bet you'll be back with a vengeance in time for the Olympics...

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