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Originally Posted by FreddtFoyle View Post
STUTommie, all things being equal, never underestimate the draw for some players to go to a team where they have a good chance to win a ring. Especially if they haven't won in Junior.
I won't add as much "value" to it as you will but it is one reason sure. But lets be honest with some issues shall we. The western studs that come to the AUS - and this is the point that the western posters on here are making - what incentive is there to go east when A.) you could have a good chance to win a championship with Alberta, Man. or Sask. And remember Alberta was UNB just a few years ago. B.) A good education is just as easy to find from BC to Man. as it is from NB to NS. C.) A disproportional percentage of WHL studs recruits come to the AUS over the OUA, if you want to see a different region of Canada (an excuse I have heard) why not Upper Canada? And before you say the OUA has different rules when it comes to AFAs, scholarships, etc…..well isn't that the point?

So if I understand UNB's way of thinking, it comes down to the player can get more in the west or east than the OUA for AFA's but getting more is secondary to winning a championship (don't tell the X, ACA, or PEI guys, shhhhhh) that you have little chance of winning with a CW team and besides for the exact same degree and AFA's I will move all the way across the country to see how beautiful Maritimers are.
If you want to meet Maritimers go to Edmonton, there are more of them there than there is on PEI.

Am I a long way off here?

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