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Originally Posted by championhabs View Post
Hi. I had a question about hockey sticks. This may be a dumb question but here it goes. What is the difference between a syngery(sp?) and a composite? Will one break easier? I can get my hands on a composite for $80 for a CCM Vector composite. Is this worth it? Or should i pay abit more $125 for an Easton Syngery. Thanks for all the help. Peace.
If I'm understadning your question...a Synergy is actually a composite. Both the sticks you have are made of composite materials..depending on the model fiberglass, carbon, kevlar. Just not wood. And your price depends on the model too. For the durability, CCM might be a little better, since there are different models of Synergies. There's a ST--super tough, or SL-- super light which isn't the most durable. CCM are known to be pretty durable, but performance and feel might be lacking just a tad bit behind the Easton Synergy. It's really personal preference, or in some cases $. Hope that answers your question.

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