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05-19-2013, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by flyingsouth View Post
I was a big supporter of Bryz to begin with. He started rough, but I thought, it's okay, Philly is the toughest place for a new goalie to get rolling. Through the universe/huskies debacle I was heartened, I thought "okay, he's a bit of a loon, but so are many of the best goalies"...

But after so many ****house performances, the ducking, the blaming EVERYONE else but himself, ******** on the city that is paying the millions for him to be there... (I'm not even going to go into the Stalin thing, cause maybe there's a cultural difference in reputation + education that I'm not aware of in terms of that)

He's done more than enough for Ed & Homer to admit that Ilya was a ****ing terrible investment and get this guy off the club ASAP. At one point I considered that giving him another year with Mason challenging him might actually bring SOMETHING out of this guy (remember March 2012?), but the more time goes on with immature fighting with the media and ****ing awful performances, I've become convinced he's got to go before the next season. A guy like that can NOT be good for locker room morale.

This team had the raw talent to contend this year, and it's clear that Bryz is a major part (along with the catastrophic injuries) of the reason why this team fell short this year.
This is exactly how i feel. I was willing to defend him when i thought we were still in what i considered an adjustment period (we really did rebuild with youth during summer 2011) but its his off ice attitude thats destroyed him for me. his attitude sucks. he's way too self interested. this is a team sport and your goalie has to be a leader. he is NOT a leader. he's a blamer. its a shame cause i always thought he was a great goalie that just needed a good team and i have to admit defeat on that. very disappointing not only as a player but as a person. goodbye sucka. have fun with our money you bastid. anyone wanna buy a jersey? i'd rather keep jody shelley for another year, at least he's fought bob probert. done something to respect.

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