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05-19-2013, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by The Perfect Human View Post
Not really. They don't clutch-and-grab or obstruct or anything like that. They run their show totally within the rules of the "free-flow" game. If anything guys like Sutter/Hitchcock should be applauded for adapting their traditional approaches to the game to the current system.

I for one think it's great hockey. Everyone back-checking, everyone finishing their hits, and everyone playing responsibly. It's come to a point where it takes a near-perfect setup/play or an astronomical mistake for a scoring opportunity to occur. And Niemi/Quick are displaying some lights-out goal-tending to boot.
The Kings are most certainly clutching and grabbing and running interference in the defensive zone. They do it all game long. They tow the line just enough to get away with it most of the time. Just listen to the announcers during a kings game. The refs are always "letting them play." Letting them play just means that you aren't calling penalties that should be penalties.

It does take a nearly perfect set up play for a scoring chance. That makes for a dull as **** game though. I don't mind a low scoring hockey game. But when you go through a 20 minute period and there are maybe 4 scoring chances... there is something wrong with that. It's dreadful. I might admire the defensive capabilities of Hitchcock/Sutter. But their teams suck the excitement out of the games they play.

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