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Originally Posted by 00BW View Post
You guys are far too easy on Julien when it comes to A) Jagr and B) Seguin.

Even if you want to justify putting someone else up on the Bergeron line, anyone else on the team would play better than Jagr right now. If you are going to dress the slow, selfish, power-play specialist, sit him on your 3rd or 4th line with little even strength minutes and let him play the top power play. Bergeron has only above average NHL speed but when I see him out there on the ice with Jagr, Bergy looks like Matt Moulson. Paille, Kelly, even the Raptor-not-yet-risen-playing-like-he's-still-dead-Jesus would be a better match on that line if you insist on dropping Seguin.

The biggest problem with Julien is Seguin. I don't know what is going on there but there is something personal that we don't know about. He is held to a double standard on this team. He misses official team events and he gets suspended while other teammates miss them and they do not get suspended. He switches to play center and is checking his man down low where he is supposed to be while Jagr is caught not backchecking and on the wrong side of the ice and Seguin gets blamed and benched. He is not scoring in the playoffs but neither was anyone not on the Krejci line and he is forced to have to play with Peverly. Yeah, that's going to help jump start his game.

He certainly makes mistakes but why is he the only one ever held to account for them? Seidenberg was absolutely horrible in at least two of those Toronto games but no one said anything about it. McQuaid has looked like a black-and-gold pylon for most of the playoffs but no one says anything about that either. Since coming back from the concussion and up until game 7 in the playoffs, Bergeron has been horrible offensively--but everyone just assumes that and Marchand's offensive problems are Seguin's fault.

Julien is throttling Seguin and it will not change until there is a new coach or Seguin is traded. This happens in all the workplaces I've been in. A boss/manager dislikes an employee and the employees work suffers until a new boss/manager comes in. It is interpersonal dynamics that most boss/managers and the employee themselves cannot overcome.

I'd rather keep Seguin and lose the coach and GM. Last time this happened, we traded Thornton and ended up tossing the coach and GM a year later anyway.
There's too much wrong with this post that I don't have time to respond to all of it now, but I will respond to one part that is probably the most inaccurate part.

You claim ONLY Seguin seems to be held accountable and benched for poor performance, and that others don't get a lot of blame. That is complete inaccurate as many players on the Bruins have gotten **** this season from people.

Has Seguin been in the press-box this year like Lucic, Peverley, and Hamilton. Oh, wait, I thought no one else was held responsible?.

Seguin missing the net, shooting it into the goalies chest, and not finishing his chances has nothing to do with Julien "hindering" him.

People who says the Bruins system is at fault for a "lack of scoring offense" since Julien has been here are absolutely full of it. Go back to when he first game here, and let me know where the Bruins ranked in goals for and goals against each season since he's been here. There was one poor season where they finished 30th in goals for, but you're going to look like a fool if you post their other finishes.

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