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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
No one is arguing that Mario didn't get alot of points or that he wasn't the best offensive player in the league in 96.

The question is was he dominant or better in 96 over Jagr or in this case Feds.

More on Mario's dominance, or what his scoring meant below.

One would think that most teams would score less in 11 of 12 road games and most of them being the 2nd game in a row. Going 5-5-2 is really pretty darn good without your "best" player.

yes going 25-3-1 when Mario scores 3 or more points seems impactfull but we are forgetting other players on the team and the breakdown of that scoring.

In the 16 games Mario scores 76 points there is no doubt he was indeed dominant.

In the 13 games he scores 39 points he is only a plus 4.

Imagine that a player scores 39 points in 13 games and one would assume he was really dominant but it turns out he is only plus 4?

Sorry but that isn't dominance it's racking up points at the expense of defense.

Mario was playing with a pretty decent player in Sandstrom for most of the year as well.

Some of this "all of Feds plus minus is the result of his team" and Mario's being 10th in plus minus on his team " is someone else's fault" really doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

Like I suggested earlier either one of two thing was happening in 96 with opposition teams when they played Pittsburgh.

1) the other teams best defensive players were scoring at Mario like rates against Mario at ES or

2) Other teams had no problems going h2h with their best scoring forwards against Mario at ES since he really wasn't that "dominant" at ES.

The numbers bare it out.
Actually, what the +/- numbers show is that in 95/96 Mario was a little behind the curve for his team at even strength while Fedorov is a little ahead of the curve for his.

So by this same criteria that you're going by here, you now agree with the statement that OV was incredibly more dominant than Crosby in 09/10, correct?
I mean +45 to only +15 is telling us something right.
Obviously OV was by FAR the better even strength player right? I mean, blew him out of the water better according to your metric.

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