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05-19-2013, 01:50 PM
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Positive thinking, Jedi mind tricks, hypnosis, Lennon's Mind Games, etc.

All can make you lose. All can help you win. All can make you play better, and come up short.

Any of these, just not all at the same time.

But you still have to have the horses to win.
And as a general rule, that is the horses, on any given day.

Occasionally, you only need horses to be good enough to win on a particular day, not routinely. But that is the minimum threshold.

US Olympians beat the Russians.
Statistically unlikely as an ongoing event.
But for those games, they reached within to the potential needed to do the job, regardless of whether or not that benchmark was aided by the Soviets (for any reason; internal dissension, undisclosed injury, just overdue for some subpar games --- subpar by their high standards).

Rangers are betw. good and very good.
They are not so good as to dominate.
All the competition, much of it also very good, is also flawed.
So the cup is up for grabs.

But we still need enough horses to be good enough to win, and we are not there yet (again, neither is the comp.).

It would help if we got on all cylinders about the coaching, but there are too many people w/legit complaints about Torts' system.

As Rangers continue to actually improve and resolve Torts issue, then there will be more basis for more positive thinking which I expect will help.

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