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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Maybe you watched the wrong game. I didn't see last nights game but game 2 was phenomenal. Just two teams going at it hard and last goal wins. The aspect I didn't like is the refs helping out with the late calls. That should've been SJ's game.
I think that not to go all philosophical on all of you but I think as long as there is integrity in the game, and regardless are viewpoint on whats a penalty as long as whats called a penalty is the same for both teams. How we interpret a penalty from regular season, to playoffs, to last minute of game, to overtime should have that fair and equal balance for either side. That may sound absurd but essentially way to many games are decided by officiating when your calling 10 penalties in the first period for either side. You either have the no hit league or you realize its a intense game and as long as scoring opportunities aren't being lost due to clutching and grabbing then your fine.

As fans we are hypocritical we don't want low scoring games of the dead puck era where you can sit on a lead, but at the same time we want to see end to end action when of course the goal is to win the game and retain that lead. River hockey is fine when both teams want to play it, but really even if you come close to that style you need a hybrid of another system.

The style for each team is different based on there level of talent. This is what makes hockey great in that its diverse. Teams like New Jersey Ottawa were successful more for clutching and grabbing then the trap 4-1 formation. Detroit used the 2-2-1 formation for the longest time, and even Chicago in close games will close up the blueline.

L.A. is a great team to watch in that they are actually use a combination of a few things, sometimes they dump and chase, they have guys like kopitar that can bring it through the zone they have guys who can work the corners, great goaltending. They have speed, skill, and size, that's the future or at least right now what makes a successful team

Those clutching and grabbing teams of the past, lacked speed, and often creativity, Size, and slowing down the game (clutch and grab) plus the implement of the trap made the game boring. This is great hockey to watch

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