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05-19-2013, 02:40 PM
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Hockey at the Palace of Auburn Hills

Could a minor league team work at the palace again?

FACILITIES- The palace is still very nice with spacious concourses and lots of seating. The last 5 years have been awful attendance wise for the pistons, Most nights they are struggling to bring in 10K. It's possible they could be looking to bring in some extra revenue. I am not really sure if it still has the proper equipment for hockey anymore, but it did host college hockey in 2008.

COMPETITION- Times have changed in the minor league landscape. There are now only two teams in Michigan, and both on the west side (Griffins and K-Wings). It is however tough to say if the red wings would be in support of such a move, which if they weren't would be devastating.

LEAGUE- The ECHL or the AHL would be the only real logical leagues based on location and arena size. Both would have potential risks.

If they were to join the ECHL, they would have to go in the crowded north division which could be a problem for the league. The palace is also considerably larger than most other ECHL rinks and unless they were given a great lease i find it hard to imagine they would be able to pay long term for the carnivorous facility.

Joining the AHL would probably make more sense. Although Grand Rapids could be threatened by their proximity to the wings.

any thoughts?

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