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Originally Posted by Nac Mac Feegle View Post
meh....he could've stopped the last goal. You don't have to necessarily see the puck 100% of the time to stop it. Sometimes when there's traffic, you have to use your hockey IQ to follow the play, know what's developing and anticipate the play/shot.

I have played in net a bit and often when you can't see (I'm 5-7, so I have a lot of experience in not seeing in net), you take your queues from the way the players flow in front of you. Players often act "like water," in a manner of speaking. They tend to flow towards the puck, and following the movement and reactions of the guys in front can tell you when and where the puck is being passed, and where the shot is coming from without actually seeing the shot.
Your not gonna anticipate top corner. Plus it wasnt like the guy was rushed. he got the puck setup and picked a spot. So really its the opposite in this case. The shooter was the one following the keeper and knew he wasnt gonna be anywhere near top corner. Watch the replay and see how Lundy reacts even after the puck went in. Its almost like he is saying. "It went in?"

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