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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
The $70.2M upper limit was based on 57% of $3.3B. The NHL revised their revenue projection from $2.4B to $2.1B for the 2013 season. The cap went from from $64.3M to $70.2M because of the NBC deal and Atlanta moving to Winnipeg. The same $3.3B with 50% falls way short of $70.2M. Its comes out to $62M-$63M. The $64.3M is an artificial number. The $70M projection for 15-16 includes the new Canadian TV money. CBC TV contract expires after 13-14. The new TV dollars will begin in 14-15 and show up in the 15-16 cap. Even that depends on how the money in the deal is structured. Are the dollars backloaded? That's what happened in the NFL.
Revenues needs to be, what, $3,650,000,000 for the cap to reach 70m (HRR * 0.5 * 1.15 / 30 = 70,000,000) (disregarding benefits and inflation bumper)? That is "only" a 10 percent increase from the 2011/12 number.

Alot of factors will play in (like if the loonie goes down, so would HRR...), but from my point of view the NHL went like the train before the lockout, but it didn't show completely because of the finacial crisis. With Boston, NY, Chicago and LA still playing and seeming to be on track for good years ahead to, and many other positive indications, it just seems like -- from some distance -- that 10 percent growth over two calender years wouldn't be impossible. The inflation alone in the US is 4+ percent over that period of time.

Since we got the cap, people have constantly predicted way too low numbers. I think the NHL will have a good year next season.

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