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Originally Posted by Bring Back Scuderi View Post
Why are Roenick and Kapustin equal to Morris and Larmer? I think Morris is clearly better offensively that Roenick's grit and modest Selke record aren't enough to close the gap.
You want to split hairs, eh?

There is quite a lot of press about Roenick's two-way game in his profile. "Deep" Selke voting is among the most worthless of modern statistics, and unless a guy was really good like a Datsyuk, there's really not much sense in trying to judge a scoringline player's defensive value based on his Selke record, alone. Jeremy Roenick was a strong two-way player at his peak. Since we seem to be re-posting old information, here goes. From Roenick's profile:

7.10.1991 - Sports Illustrated:

Larmer, Chelios and Roenick are three of the premier two-way players in the league, and the team has a wealth of good goaltending. Some NHL observers are waiting to see if the team burns out under Keenan, however, although one player who won't is Roenick.
15.12.1993 - Chicago Tribune:

Not many players can do what Roenick is doing. He is one of only five players from the NHL's top defensive clubs who are good enough to rise above the team concept of their systems and rate among the league's best scorers. Three of the five are outstanding two-way players. Federov is a plus-19, Gilmour plus-16 and Roenick plus-12. Take Roenick away from the Hawks and they won't make the playoffs.
10.2.2012 - Fox Sports Arizona:

But Jim Schoenfeld, Roenick's coach for two seasons in Phoenix, remembers a player whose style belied his talent level. "Sometimes skill players aren't as willing to play the other rough and tumble parts of the game, but he was that type of player," Schoenfeld said. "He didn't shortcut the process." Schoenfeld knew right away which role he wanted Roenick to fill.

"For a while in the NHL, the idea was to match your best defensive line against the other team's best offensive line, but we wanted Jeremy to go against the other team's top line because he was a great two-way player. We wanted him to outperform and outscore the other team's top talent, Schoenfeld said.
4.10.2001 - Detroit News:

X-factor: This situation seems to fit center Jeremy Roenick perfectly. A tough two-way player who fits the Eastern Conference mold, Roenick could thrive in Philadelphia.
16.3.2003 - Philadelphia Inquirer:

The major drawback in coach Ken Hitchcock's defensive system is that goal production suffers. The system requires every Flyer to sacrifice something on the offensive end, especially the goal scorers. However, Jeremy Roenick, who has been a consummate two-way player this season, has a legitimate chance to hit the 30-goal plateau as a result of yesterday's 4-1 rout of the Pittsburgh Penguins at Mellon Arena, in which he scored twice.
6.8.2009 -

Roenick left Phoenix to sign with Philadelphia on July 2, 2001. He had 67 points in 2001-02, but Hitchcock brought his defensive system to the Flyers in 2002 and asked Roenick to re-invent himself.

The coach still marvels at how Roenick adapted to play his new role.

"Instead of playing on the half-wall on the power play he ended up on the front of the net a lot and was good," Hitchcock said. "He was a third-line center or third-line right winger and was very effective. A lot of times players can't adapt, but he was very effective."

It is hard to compare them offensively, but I think Morris was probably a bit better, though he can't be that much better because Roenick isn't that far behind guys like Hawerchuk and Perreault, and I seriously doubt Morris was on their level. You are trying to make the supposed offensive gap bigger than it really is. Jeremy Roenick was a very well-rounded player, and Bernie Morris was not. I've got them in the same tier, overall, at center, roughly average 2nd liners in a 32 team league. I don't see much point in squabbling over which one is the better player here. Depending on what you want in a center, it could go either way.

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