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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post

It's not just about the average height of a team.

Boston is effectively big because they have Chara, Lucic, McQuaid, Horton, Thornton. Three of those four players can hold an effective shift, which means they have size on the ice for most of the game. It is because of those guys that Marchand can play "tough".

If all of those players I just mentioned were 2 inches shorter and 10 lbs lighter, and then Seguin, Rask, Marchand, Bergeron, Krecji, were each 2 inches taller and 10 lbs heavier, the average size on the Bruins team would be the same, but the effective size of the team would be smaller.

That is the problem with the Habs. We have a lot of outliers at the short end (Bouillon, DD, Gallagher, Gionta), but an absence of outliers at the high end. Our enforcer is 5'11" Brandon Prust and he is missing both shoulders because of that role. We're not that far off from being a big team, I think that with a sequence of good moves we can be there by the 2014-2015 season.
There's someone that understands it. TEAM TOUGHNESS! Horton was soft until he came to Boston. Krecji and Marchand have played tougher than they are because of this team toughness. Campbell isn't a big guy but has grit and can fight. Thornton as well. It's their identity and they expect that kind of play.

If Horton, Marchand, Krecji, etc played with us, we'd all be complaining about how soft they are.

Habs biggest problem as you said is the bigger players do not play big. Markov, Gorges (whom I think is small but is over 6ft), Tinordi (he is a rook though) do not play tough. Neither does Max, Moen (I don't know what happened to this guy), Gally (he's a rookie), Ryder, Kaberle, Ryder, Armstrong etc.

Average/Big guys who play big? Bourque, PK, Emelin, Prust, White

Too many bigger guys who play a soft game. That's the problem

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