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Originally Posted by wr50l View Post
He is the best goaltender in the world, so I guess the criticism comes with the territory. But I'm not going to expect Henrik to put up shutouts and 1 GA games while facing screens and one timers every night.

Goal 1: Screened by Girardi, who is also on an island because the forwards couldn't handle basic d-zone coverage. Best goalie in the world is probably annoyed that his 5 hole was open though.

Goal 2: He's battling a screen shot so he's already at a disadvantage, which is deflected straight to some wide open Bruin who gets it off the ice with one touch before Hank could react. It's most worth noting that this time the forwards are well positioned, deep in the zone, allowing Krug to walk the blue line to get a better shooting angle and giving the Bruins at the net plenty of time to get in front of his line of sight. Nice strategy coach.

Goal 3: Perfect screen. No goalie sees it, no goalie stops it. If you think otherwise, get a hold of the behind the net camera, slow it down and witness the coincidence of perfect timing between the shot being taken and the Bruin as well as the Rangers defenceman getting right in front of his sight line. Again, consider that Callahan failed to pass his man onto the defence and left the trailer (goalscorer) wide open.

Goal 4: The best goalie in the world wants that one back, but we're considering a cross crease pass in the paint; that's not to mention that both defencemen were humiliated.

Goal 5: Just a stupid garbage goal. As if Hank deserved anymore stupid bounces tonight.

There are going to be nights when even an elite goalie doesn't pull off miracles and every bit of fortune goes against him. For elite teams, those are the nights where they put up 4 goals themselves and win it in overtime if they have to.
That fourth goal was a backbreaker, and should be stopped a majority of the time. The pass came from a distance and the puck hit the middle of the net along the ice. He was slow getting across and had his weight too far back, not getting his leg pad and stick down on the ice. Blame the defense all you want but both Lundqvist and Rask made several more difficult saves than that.

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