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05-19-2013, 08:49 PM
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Today I...
Met my first pickup-professional, and it wasn't even an actual pickup game.

At a 2 hour stick time, we had lessons at one end, a net at one end, and a net in the neutral zone against the wall facing sideways.

A half rink game broke out on the main net. After they stopped for a break I was asked if I wanted to take over in net (I was taking shots from some kids in the neutral zone, I am new so it was working out decent for both of us). I asked the kids if they wanted to join the game (already a few kids playing in it).

The lesson ended as we were moving the nets, so we got the full ice. The instructors jumped in too.

Lot of little kids on each side. The older players on our side were just trying to set them up and get them to be a part of it.

The childrens Coach who joined in did almost nothing but camp the blue line, waiting for his buddy to steal the puck from a kid and send it down the ice to him. Over 90% of the shots I faced were from this guy. He was playing to the point that he almost hit my water bottle of the net trying to bat pucks out of the air behind me. The few times he was not camping the blue line, the instant he got it he took off full speed leaving all the kids, and most of the rest of the play behind him... By the time the kids caught up he had probably scored.

One of the few times he DID set up a kid, he passed it out to one who was very shaky (you could almost hear how hard he was thinking as he puck handled). When the kid only got part of his one timer he let out a big "Ugggggg!"

I felt so bad, most of the kids left early...

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