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Originally Posted by JDinklage Morgoone View Post
Can you explain the sabr comment? I don't know jack about sabrmetrics (just never really read into it) so I'm pretty skeptical of these things.
Basically, looking at the numbers, the experts argue that what he has going right now isn't sustainable. 1) There's not really good scouting on him and teams are seeing him for the first time 2) His stuff isn't that great. He's got a low 90s fastball and a changeup. He has a few other pitches that he doesn't really have control of yet. 3) He's projected as a #5 currently putting up ace like numbers. As you can see with previous Phillies rookies like Happ and Worley, they just aren't that good.

Now once in a great while, you'll have something like Kendrick where he develops more pitches, gets better command, and pitches with confidence and he can become better than where his numbers originally projected him. But that takes a lot of hard work and years of dedication. It wasn't until mid last year that Kendrick finally got it.

The good news is that the Phillies seem to bring one of these guys up every year and teams don't seem to figure them out until their 2nd year. So hopefully the trend continues.

I really don't know what to do with this team. Like I said, I can't root for them to lose but they can't compete like this. 17 scoreless innings against average pitching is not going to win you anything. I'm happy to watch them come back and win, but my mind tells me that this isn't going to get it done. I want what's best for them but it's not going to happen if they keep straddling the .500 line.

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